Toronto Wolfpack   

The first North American team to play in the RFL and the world’s first transatlantic professional sports team. The Wolfpack organization is driven by the belief that the world is a better place with more rugby balls in kids’ hands, and also to create a global centre for rugby excellence in Toronto, to showcase the best of Ontario by supporting family-run local businesses to actively promote transatlantic trade between North American and UK partners.            

Our exclusive North American manufacturing and distribution partner focuses on the international cannabis industry with an indoor cultivation operation in London, Ontario, a 2,200,000 sq. ft. greenhouse complex in Delta, BC and a 51,5000 sq.ft. GMP facility in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Together with AgraFlora, we’re positioned at the nexus of the burgeoning CBD-infused performance products marketplace.


Pond is our exlusive partner in clinical sports science. Their leading team of scientists and physicians conduct R&D, source top quality ingredients and  provide formulation expertise on clinically studied ingredients and nutritious, science-backed supplements that support physical recovery and performance.